Q: I cannot get tattooed by you for whatever reason – can I commission you to design me a tattoo or take an existing design from you to be tattooed by another artist?

A: No – I appreciate that you want my work on you but being able to complete my designs from sketch to tattoo is a very important part of my practice. I do not make any exceptions to this policy.

Q: What’s a handpoked tattoo?

A: Handpoking just means that I hold the needle bar directly with my hand and tattoo each dot individually as opposed to using a machine with an electric motor. I only use pre-sterilized professional tattoo equipment and always dispose of any contaminated items after each appointment. I do not use sewing needles, unsterilized ink/ink not made specifically for tattooing, etc. If you have any questions/concerns about the handpoking process or the differences between handpoked and machine tattooing, please feel free to email me and I will address your questions to the best of my ability.

Q: Are handpoked tattoos more temporary than machine tattoos?

A: No. Handpoked tattoos are just as permanent as those done by a machine, so please reconsider getting one if you’re expecting something temporary!

Q: Do you ever do machine tattoos?

A: I am currently learning to use a machine! If you’d like to get one, I’m offering a discounted apprentice rate.

Q: Are you willing to modify your flash designs?

A: I’m happy to make small modifications to my existing flash designs. Please include any modifications you’d like made in your booking form submission or email me directly if you’re concerned about whether or not the modifications you’d like to make are feasible. If there are many or large modifications you’d like to make, please consider getting a custom design instead and include the original flash piece as inspiration.

Q: Is there anyone/anything/anywhere you won’t tattoo?

A: I do not discriminate when choosing who to tattoo based on criteria such as skin tone, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, religious affiliations, etc.

I will not tattoo any hate symbols or imagery/text that is disparaging of other identities.

I generally advise my clients to not get highly visible locations tattooed (i.e. hands, neck, face) if you are not otherwise visibly tattooed. I also advise against getting highly sensitive areas (i.e. ribs, feet, elbow/knee ditches, butt, etc.) tattooed if this is your first tattoo. If you are really set on one of these locations please include a note in your booking form submission and we can chat about it.

Q: I’m concerned about how the colours you use will heal on my skin tone

A: If you are concerned about how colours that I use will heal on your particular skin tone, I am happy to tattoo small dots of whatever colours you are interested in on you for $5 (just to cover some of my supplies). Please email me directly to arrange this.

Q: What shop/studio do you tattoo out of?

A: I currently work out of a licensed private studio in the Gastown neighbourhood of Vancouver, BC.

Q: Do you tattoo people under the age of 18?

A: I will not tattoo anyone younger than 18 years old under any circumstances. I don’t care if you parent/guardian is willing to cosign a consent form, if you already have tattoos, or if you have any other reason you think I should make an exception to this policy – I will not tattoo you if you cannot prove you are 18+.

Q: Should I tip?

A: Tipping is courteous and very appreciated, but by no means required.

Q: Will you be travelling to my city to do a guest spot any time soon?

A: I have all upcoming guest spots listed on the front page of my website. If I am taking appointments for the guest spot, you’ll find the booking form on my booking page.

Q: I have a question that isn’t addressed anywhere on your website – how can I contact you?

A: Questions and other inquiries can be sent to xiaomeitattoo(at)gmail.com. I typically respond to emails within a week. I ask that you please refrain from contacting me with inquiries about how to achieve specific techniques or for apprenticeship opportunities.