I offer both handpoked and machine tattoos.

See my FAQ for more information about handpoked tattoos. Please note that all designs I have available are able to be done with machine, but only some are suitable to be handpoked.

I tattoo all skin tones, body types, and identities.

I do not discriminate when choosing who to tattoo based on criteria like skin tone, ethnicity, gender/sexual identity, religious affiliations, disability, weight, etc. and aim to provide a safe and comfortable space for all of my clients.

If you are concerned about how colours that I use will heal on your particular skin tone, I am happy to tattoo a test swatch of small dots/lines of whatever colours you are interested in on you for a $50CAD non-refundable deposit (this goes towards the cost of your tattoo if you decide you’d like to get one). Please email me directly to arrange this.

Available Flash

My flash that is available to be tattooed can be found here. All of my flash designs are unique and will only be tattooed once unless otherwise noted. I’m happy to make exceptions for people who are wanting to get matching tattoos with friends, family, etc. I’m sometimes willing to make small modifications (i.e. changing colours or other changes that would take <10 minutes) to my flash designs, just let me know what you’d like to change in the relevant section of my booking form.

Custom Designs

Please see my FAQ to see what kind of custom projects I generally take on.

I typically send out drawing previews one or two days prior to your appointment. Please make it clear in your submission/responses if you are requesting a design that has components that you envisioned in a specific way (e.g. symmetry, elements being in the foreground vs. background, inclusion of certain details, etc.)! It’s very helpful for me if you send examples of my work and explain what components or styles you would like to be included and/or excluded in your initial submission so that I can cater your design to your preferences. Major changes to your design brief after your deposit has been sent in will incur a $50CAD fee. Major revisions to your design after the preview has been sent will incur a $50CAD drawing fee per redraw.

I reserve the right to turn down any projects that I feel aren’t suited to my current capabilities, style, or interests. Please do not bring me images of existing tattoos from Pinterest, Google, etc. and ask me to tattoo them on you. I do not do fineline or micro tattoos.


Both my flash and custom designs are generally priced per piece – the price may vary based on:

  • the size you’d like the tattoo to be
  • the location you would like the tattoo to be placed
  • the amount of detail, shading, and/or fill in the design
  • the number of colours in the design
  • in the case of flash, what modifications to the design you’d like (if any)

I have a $150CAD minimum for all tattoos. In cases where I’m not sure how long a tattoo will take, I may provide a range of how much the tattoo will cost. If you have a longer term custom project in mind (such as sleeves or other very large, multi-session pieces) then please contact me directly to discuss hourly or day rates.

Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any budget constraints and I will do my best to see if we can arrange something that satisfies both of our needs. I am also generally happy to break larger pieces (2+ hours) into multiple sessions to make things more financially accessible.


I require a $100CAD non-refundable deposit in order to secure your appointment. Your appointment will not be set until I have confirmed with you that I have received your deposit.

Deposits are subtracted from the final cost of your tattoo. For multi-session projects, the deposit will be subtracted from the cost at your final appointment.

If you need to cancel and reschedule your appointment, I am happy to use the same deposit to secure a new appointment time up to 2 times given at least 48 hours notice. If you provide less than 48 hours notice for a cancellation or are more than 15 minutes late to your appointment and have not attempted to contact me regarding your lateness, your deposit will be forfeited as a cancellation/late fee. Please contact me as soon as possible if you think you will arrive late!


If you would like to book an in person consultation prior to booking a tattoo, I require a $50CAD non-refundable deposit to secure an appointment. Should you decide to move forward with the booking process, this deposit will go towards the final $100CAD deposit required for booking a tattoo.

This policy does *not* apply to consultations that are requested by me, such as in cases where you are requesting a highly visible placement (hands, neck, head, etc.) or where I feel the need to take additional photos/clarify information in person.


Deposits can be sent electronically either via Interac e-transfer (preferred) or PayPal to nik.tattoo.booking@gmail.com. If either of these options are a problem for you, please let me know and I will try to work with you to arrange an alternative method of payment.

All payments at your appointment itself can be made either in cash or via Interac e-transfer. If you are travelling internationally, please remember to bring cash!

Studio Location

I currently work out of a licensed private studio located in the Chinatown neighbourhood of Vancouver, British Columbia. I share the space with other tattooers so if you have any privacy concerns in regards to your appointment please let me know ahead of time. Detailed studio information will be sent to you upon booking confirmation.

Age Restrictions

You must be 18 years or older to receive a tattoo from me. No exceptions.

Please remember to bring a valid ID that displays your full name, birth date, and a photo of you to your appointment, otherwise you may be turned away and have your deposit forfeited.

Bringing Friends

My studio space is small and shared with others, so I ask that you please check with me before bringing friends and limit it to one person if necessary. I don’t mind if you’d like to have someone with you for support, but they must be mindful of the session(s) at hand and I may ask them to sit in the waiting area or leave if it becomes too distracting.

Before Your Appointment

Please come to your appointment well-rested, fed, and hydrated! If possible, try to not have too much caffeine the morning of your appointment. Do not drink alcohol within 24 hours of getting your tattoo. Do not arrive to your appointment under the influence of alcohol or drugs – I will turn you away and your deposit will be forfeited if I determine that you are not in a suitable state to be tattooed.

Accessibility & Accommodations

The building that I work in has two entrances – one has no steps, the other has a small set of stairs (4 steps). My studio is located at the top of a set of stairs (18 steps). If this is not accessible for you, please let me know and I would be happy to arrange to take your appointment at another shop that is.

Due to the necessity of sanitation chemicals, I am unable to provide a completely scent-free space. If you require a reduced-scent environment, please make a note in your booking form submission.

Although my consent form has you list any allergies/conditions you have and medications you are on that may affect the tattooing or healing process, please make a note in your booking submission if you think there is anything I should know in order to help me accommodate your needs better!

Thank you for taking the time to read through my policies! If you have any questions you can email me at nik.tattoo.booking@gmail.com. I typically respond to inquiries within a week.

If you’re ready to book your tattoo, you can access my booking forms here!